We have always been aware that there are a lot of people that have had no formal financial teaching. This means that whenever they make a decision about their finances, they will have to guess what to do or just base it on their past experiences. Unfortunately, this means that most people make incorrect decisions and end up taking out financial products that are not suitable for them or that they cannot afford. Our aim is to change this and to make sure people know exactly what they are doing when they take out a product. We want them to know what they should be thinking about and how they should be deciding whether a certain product is right for them and what company will be the best for them to take it out through. It is an important thing we feel, that we need to pass on. Therefore, we have put together information in a simple way with some practical examples which we hope will enable everyone to benefit. Hopefully, people will begin to understand the importance of these decisions and will make sure that they spend the time necessary to think through the decision and make sure that it is the right one for them.