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Publication Date: 15th August 2004
Paperback: 276 pages
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

From the imagination of writer Mike Rouse-Deane comes a book jam-packed with stories varying from the bizarre to the normal. This collection of short stories shows the development of his writing from 1992 to 2004–The Millennium Years, with the bizarreness that can only come from a mind that constantly over-imagines the world around him.Mike merges both the normal workings of life, as well as the future prospects of “what if,” to give you over eighty stories of immense strangeness and heartwarming pleasure. Paperback Writer is Mike’s first book, and contains the writer’s comments on why, how and what made him write such bizarre stories, commenting on each one of his stories in the Writer’s Commentary.

Delve into his bizarre universe and emerge with a different perspective of the world around you. You won’t be calling babies “cute” anymore.